News updates and opinions

News updates and opinions

Here you’ll find our news updates and opinions about goPassport’s progress in restarting safe travel. We’ll also cover stories from industries using goPassport.

If you have an industry story or use case to contribute, please contact us.

Know Not No – Keep track of Covid restrictions in each state

goPassport featured in The Daily Mail, highlighting how KnowNotNo helps tourists to keep track of Covid restrictions and travel restrictions.

goPassport Covid Safe International and Domestic Travel Seminar and Business and Government meetings – Canberra 16-17 June 2021

Introduction On 16th June in Canberra, goPassport organised and conducted a seminar with 150 in-person and online attendees to present and discuss the key issues associated with opening up borders…

goPassport aligned with Federal government roadmap to reopening International borders

Today the Federal government announced a roadmap to reopening International borders. There are “three principles” on a roadmap to reopening Australia to the rest of the world, Health Minister Greg…

Tech ‘can open up more borders’

goPassport featured in The Australian, highlighting how new technology is being promoted as the key to fast-tracking more international travel

Guiding travellers on confusing COVID-19 government compliance and requirements

goPassport provides a uniform solution for travellers. Ensuring safety and avoiding the confusion. Matt McKinley, Chairman & Managing Director, goPassport With continual changing attitudes to how travel will scale again…

goPassport: Data Science Europe Presentation

goPassport Chief Technology Officer Director, Klaus Felsche, presents goPassport to Data Science Europe to explain why we need goPassport as part of the solution to making travel Covid safe.

A data-driven restart of international travel

Fully 7 months into the pandemic we are learning the hard way that we really need to rethink the way we all travel. Far from getting better, the pandemic is…

Covid Safe Travel Podcast Series 1, Episode 1: What will travel look like in future?

Covid Safe Travel Podcast Series 1 Episode 1: What will travel look like in future? Michelle Cox, author and podcast host interviews goPassport directors Dr John Shephard and Klaus Felsche…

Taking on the new normal with technology

How things have changed since the last epidemic Dr John Shephard, Chief Medical Officer, goPassport This is the 4th epidemic of my career – but this is the first where…

Event Presentation: Queensland Government – How we can ignite and grow innovation

Matt joined Deputy Director-General Innovation, Dr Sarah Pearson, to discuss how we can ignite and grow innovation in rural and regional Queensland. Matt, along with panel guests Jess Fealey and Dwayne Good, shared their stories, insights and other issues associated with regional areas, tourism and the coronavirus pandemic.

SATSA 2020 AGM: goPassport’s solution

Watch goPassport Chairman, Matt McKinley, present the goPassport solution to restarting international travel in the “new normal” at the SATSA 2020 AGM

How to not get stranded at sea under lock-down

COVID-19 has disrupted most industries and shipping is no exception. In this article we look into sea crew change policies in relation to the sea crew members confirmed with COVID-19 in Hong Kong. We reveal the threats the shipping industry is facing under the circumstances and detail how goPassport, a real-time COVID-19 alert system, could help the shipping industry learn how not to get stranded at sea under lock-down.

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