• 31 August 2020
  • News

Watch goPassport Chairman, Matt McKinley, present the goPassport solution to restarting international travel in the “new normal” at the SATSA 2020 AGM.

Matt McKinley, Chairman and Founder of goPassport, presents goPassport's solution at the SATSA 2020 AGM

Matt McKinley – Founder of goPassport, a clinical and technology approach to managing the risk of operating inbound travel in the new era of COVID-19. His technology is a global supplier of itinerary management and documentation systems used by the international travel trade to provide quality and detailed logistics data for the traveller. Developed over 32 years of inbound and supplier management expertise.

Joining Matt is:

Klaus Felsche – who founded the first Advanced Analytics unit in Immigration and Border Protection of Australia. Developed and deployed the analytics-driven Border Risk Identification System including multiple components of the Next Generation Border Security System, including the analytics-based Risk Scoring Service for major visa platforms and a risk micro-service for the Electronic Travel Authority.

Tony Ohlsson – 30 years’ experience in business analytics across many industry sectors including banking, telco and education. AlphaZetta draws from the expertise of 780 analytical consultants worldwide to build applications and process through remote virtual project management. The hallmark expertise in cybersecurity and data privacy.

Mark Radford – 28 years leading mobile technologies companies, founder and CEO of Knowesis, a high performance real-time, analytics platform that performs automated alerts and encrypted location-based warnings, 7 x 24 platform and program management.