Solution Components

What is goPassport?

goPassport is a comprehensive, real-time COVID-19 alert system for inbound international travellers. It monitors and audits government policy on:

  • Pre-travel journey risk assessment – individual “Health Risk Flag”
  • Pre-travel screening procedures
  • Pre-travel isolation and quarantine measures
  • In-country quarantine management
  • Ongoing symptom checking and escalation
  • Validated Covid-19 viral testing
  • Traveller Medi-stay and Tele-health assistance
  • Real-time non-compliant response and escalation
  • Integration of service provider compliance status updates
  • Real-time data connectivity for border and health agencies
  • Ability to manage multi-tiered national and regional policy programs

goPassport is compatible with the Android and iOS APIs for national COVID-19 contract tracing apps.

Restarting tourism, business travel and international education in the “new” normal.

The goPassport solution
has 4 proven components

  • A travel risk assessment solution providing an end-to-end view of all the aspects of a traveller’s trip that will influence their risk of exposure in the cycle of travel.
  • A real-time policy engine* that manages every individual’s travel pathway to ensure safe entry into a country, maintain a continuous risk score and alerts the Ministry of Health (MoH) and tertiary institutions of any risk or non-compliance. Advanced analytics capabilities perform complex analysis and initiate automated responses.
  • An individually tuned app for travellers that guides their policy programme simply, safely, prior to and during their inbound travel.
  • A status portal with live relevant dashboards with alerts for health departments, border immigration, tertiary institutions and travel managers that gives visibility of the traveller’s health status, location and risks from pre-departure to exit.

app and portal screenshots

*goPassport’s Monitor, Alert & Escalate process and Real-time Policy Engine process is protected by a pending provisional Australian Innovation Patent.

Patent Pending, PCT/AU2021/050411

“Privacy concerns are important but must be balanced against the imperatives of the pandemic.”

– Dr John Shephard,
Chief Medical Officer,

photo of Dr John Shephard
Is it secure?

Data privacy by design

Privacy and security by design are key features of goPassport. Personal data is encrypted, access to systems is strictly controlled and, at the end of the journey, travellers can request to have all of their personal data deleted, permanently.

goPassport aims to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles and the Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Talk to us about implementing goPassport

We can provide presentations tailored to governments, educational institutions, organisations, industry bodies and investors.
Proving control and results


Open / shut border policies for pandemic control only serve to ensure that border closures will remain for longer than necessary due to their inflexibility and lack of traveller visibility. To open up without the “how” being thoroughly tested, audited and agreed will ensure that the first breach will result in a closure. Our international travel industry can’t sustain this process.

Pilots allow new systems and processes to be tested, building confidence among all participants. Small scale targeted pilots can achieve the required level of government and public confidence by  being focused on specific low risk groups with high economic value, being highly managed and supported by technology with results demonstrated through data.

A pilot collaboration is now underway with the education industry in Australia. It will provide the tourism industry the chance to prove the significant value created through managed itineraries supported by goPassport technologies. Supporting international students to return to studies overseas provides hope for institutions to recover and continue their high value contribution.

Subsequent small-scale pilots supported by managed itineraries can be addressed to focus on:

  1. Social fabric health – control visiting friends and relatives
  2. High net worth individuals – control through charters / exclusive use services
  3. Corporate travel – high value transactions and product installations
  4. Green corridors – reciprocal pilots with Australian residents and incoming non-residents.
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