On 16th June in Canberra, goPassport organised and conducted a seminar with 150 in-person and online attendees to present and discuss the key issues associated with opening up borders to Covid Safe international, domestic and ‘bubble’ travel.

The seminar allowed leaders in science, industry, and technology the opportunity to discuss current issues impacting the safe restart of international travel, the need for a clear framework of reopening policies and longer-term thinking with a particular focus on the Australian setting. Speakers highlighted the latest lessons learnt, recent developments in technology with a focus on what can be done in the short and longer terms.

The Australian travel industry was strongly represented and stressed the need to re-establish predictability into travel. This was a key requirement for sustainable tourism and business travel. They saw that a major feature of future international travel will be digital platforms that inform and guide travellers through a potentially confusing and frequently changing regulatory landscape.

Key Findings

Travel across borders – and domestically – is a highly complex, confusing and ever-changing, ‘no notice’ environment. Digital technology can provide significant risk mitigation to traveller journey pre-travel, at the border and in destination.

Solutions like goPassport move the burden of clearance for travel to before journey commencement, and then continuously update the traveller throughout their journey – including any return home requirements. Read the full report from the session via the link below.

Panel of Presenters

Lessons from the UK Traffic Light system – Purple Umbrella UK (Charlie Bateson)

Green Certification Europe Challenges – Good Health Pass / ID2020 (Rebecca Distler and Ethan Veneklasen)

The Role for Traveller Digital Credential Management – CredShare (Grame Barty)

Trusting Testing Frameworks – ThermoFisher (Richard Harrison)

Managed Travel in Dynamic Circumstances – ATEC (Peter Shelley)

Know Not No – A Domestic Perspective – goPassport (Matt McKinley)

Guiding, Monitoring, Alerting and Visibility – goPassport (Klaus Felsche)

Future-Proofing Society Through Travel Data Modelling – JCU (Dr Emma McBryde)