Restarting economies

Benefits for governments & industries

goPassport has several use cases. Benefits for governments and industries are outlined in the sections below.

Support reopening economies

The impact of restarting travel related industries, particularly in countries heavily reliant on tourism for GDP is clear.  Leisure and corporate travel, international education and temporary migrant workers (e.g. hospitality, fruit pickers) could all start stimulating the economy.

Reputation: safe destination

By using the goPassport platform, countries can establish a reputation as a safe destination. This can mark them as a preferred global destination for international students, tourists and other travellers without increasing the risk to their local population.

Integrates with existing government policy and border control

goPassport provides a policy “wrapper” around travellers to ensure safety for them and the in-country service providers. The policy controls in goPassport can be adjusted to reflect dynamic government edicts, country by country, and cater for state based variations in policy and time. It fully supports existing onshore health management and border control.

New asset for fighting future emergencies

goPassport will have a life beyond COVID-19. It will also become an important national asset which will strengthen a nation’s preparedness to rapidly and effectively respond to future emergencies. Additionally it will establish the destination as compliant, controlled and safe.

Government agency management console: country/state/region/traveller

goPassport’s management console improves government’s ability to see travellers throughout their journeys, even where the jurisdiction moves between departments or agencies.

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goPassport is a real-time pathway to assure international students of health safety in their host country. Featuring:

  • Student health management
  • Institutional safety ratings
  • Dynamic guidance and support
  • Outbreak response
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Benefits for Students
  • International students can now demonstrate they are healthy and can travel to study overseas
  • They will have knowledge and trust that their destination educational institution is safe
  • Parents will have comfort in their choice that their children are in a safe destination
  • Student will have a clear process to declare/update their health status
    All support and instructions are within the GoPassport App

A pilot collaboration is now underway with the education industry in Australia

Benefits for Universities & Schools
  • Early adopters will be among the first in allowing international students back
  • Centralised view of the health status of ALL accepted students between offer and arrival
  • Enforce government mandated medical testing pre and post arrival
  • goPassport portal will provide health status on all students by country and region
  • Any risks identified pre-arrival will be notified to the educational institution and clear actions communicated to the student
  • Risk based quarantine (pre & post arrival) can be applied to each student and managed in the App
  • Provides risk management around returning home & multiple entry students.

Travel companies and inbound tour operators will be a key component of the rebuild phase of any inbound industry and goPassport helps contribute to the rebuild of both their businesses and the markets they service by supporting the safe opening of borders.

No Gaps – managed itineraries and goPassport

Any growth in a country’s inbound tourism visitor numbers is typically supported by the strong supply chains that grow up alongside them. At the heart of this supply chain is the inbound tour operators (ITO). ITO build trusted business relationships and provide the gateway for national tourism products to access the international markets which they rely on. ITOs are local businesses that provide itinerary planning, product selection and coordination of an international visitor’s reservations. They bring components such as accommodation, tours, experiences, transport and meals together to create a fully inclusive, managed itinerary.

In the new normal for travel, ITO bring a powerful layer of control and safety, managing not only the itinerary but the risk elimination requirements for the incoming visitor. In case of infection they can also rapidly handle the changed logistics, and directly manage safe passage to the home country.

Managed itineraries combined with the clinical and technology process of goPassport creates a “no gaps” approach to the incoming visitor’s rich experience.

Hotels, transport, tours and other services

As service suppliers enact their Covid ready guidelines and manage their staff health through social distancing, contactless systems and delivering rigorous sanitation routines, service suppliers can self report their daily practices into the goPassport Health Portal. This enables real-time suppliers’ status and policy guidelines to be visible to the travel industry and travellers themselves, ensuring safety for the duration of the itinerary. In return, incoming travellers’ health status will be visible to services suppliers to ensure a complete layer of continuity in risk reduction.

goPassport’s pilots can support ITO involvement in risk managed travel operations.

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The financial impacts on farms, accommodation and hospitality businesses due to the impacted supply of temporary workers has been noted during COVID-19. Seasonal workers in these sectors – both temporary and local – and their recruitment agencies will benefit from industry, agency or employer deployment of goPassport.

goPassport pilots could include farm, accommodation and hospitality workers involved with, for example, the Seasonal Worker Programme in Australia to prove control and results with pre-testing and health monitoring, managed travel and itinerary compliance monitoring.

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goPassport is able to minimise the risk of COVID-19 to ship operators by ensuring that a port, the supporting airport and accommodation are very low risk and that all crew have met screening requirements. goPassport reduces the risk of bringing COVID-19 on board.

Safely pre-position crews

Crews needing to board ships at foreign ports may travel safely to the port using goPassport’s trip risk planning tool and pre-travel health check procedures. Crews can then confidently board knowing they’re not bringing the virus on board. Journeys can also be planned for disembarking crews thereby minimising risk on return flights.

Reduce port costs

goPassport helps minimise port costs by reducing delays due to infections requiring onboard quarantine of all crew.

Reduce cargo spoil & insurance

Infection/quarantine delays in port can prevent cargo from being unloaded and cause freight to spoil, which increases insurance costs.

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A national asset

goPassport will also become an important national asset which will strengthen a nation’s preparedness to respond to future emergencies rapidly and effectively. In addition to having immediate application in COVID-19 recovery, it will establish the destination and its institutions as compliant, controlled and safe.

Establish travel confidence

  • The travel, corporate and education partner agencies around the globe can be supported by goPassport to ensure travellers from outside a country are prepared for travel and represent no increased risk to the operation of these sectors nor its citizens
  • goPassport provides confidence that inbound travellers are continuously screened and cleared before travel, that they are monitored during their stay and have active travel-case management. Crude, generalised lockdowns can be avoided and communities can be confident that these travellers present no additional risk to the local community.

COVID-19 is a global issue. Being a first mover to a controlled opening of national industry has a massive economic advantage.