Real-time COVID-19 alert system Covid safe travel Providing an end to end real-time platform which ensures safe international travel. Managing the risk in reopening borders with a digital pathways solution. goPassport
Covid safe travel with a digital health passport

In a world now crying out for Covid safe international travel, the blunt control process of open/shut borders and quarantining people is not the only option for risk mitigation. Manual, clipboard style risk mitigation programs cannot adapt in real-time to changing regulations, local hotspot identification or other evolving risk factors, and quality degrades as they scale. To make travel Covid safe in the new normal we need a digital health passport that provides risk managed travel. goPassport can provide this to travellers with or without a vaccine.

goPassport tackles the dynamic behaviour of the virus through three robust stages


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This is the 4th epidemic of my career – but this is the first where there is potential to use digital technology to enhance the traditional methods of public health controls to rapidly and efficiently minimise spread.

Dr John Shephard,
Chief Medical Officer,

Initiatives of goPassport

  • Offshore risk management process prior to travel
  • Capture pathway of travel prior to arrival
  • Provide compliance guidance to traveller each step of the itinerary
  • Monitor, audit and alert compliancy by traveller
  • Rapid alert process for breach of compliance.

Covid safe international travel supported by the goPassport program becomes an advertisement for a country as a managed and safe destination.

The Problem

Non-Resident Visitor Invisibility

covid safe travel - world map showing traveller interaction with various government controls
  • Governments have limited visibility of the health status of a non-resident prior to arrival, during travel and when returning to their home country
  • When a traveller is “off radar” there is no mechanism to monitor their compliance or manage breaches on a large scale
  • Without control and integrity through visibility, current clipboard style control cannot deliver at scale
  • Dealing with potential infection on arrival puts other travellers at risk and imposes logistic burdens on the traveller, the community and government resources. It has been demonstrated to be a fragile ‘lastline-of-defence’ solution
  • As the only control measure, the blunt tool of on-arrival quarantine is not only a very expensive solution but also one that has been shown to be full of gaps that allow for breaches with potentially devastating consequences.
The Solution

Non-Resident Visitor Visibility

travel safely in the new normal: the solution
The Solution

Non-Resident Visitor Visibility

travel safely in the new normal: the solution • Visibility gives process control and audit capability
• Visibility ensures significant risk to be mitigated offshore prior to arrival
• Reliable pre-travel preparation allows a layered approach to the border. Starting with travel bookings, pre-departure testing, potential pre-departure managed quarantine/isolation, alerting travellers pre-departure about current and emerging risk, integration with airline check-in systems and the Australian Border Force, support of on-arrival processing and then monitoring on-arrival quarantine/self-isolation and real-time support of health agencies minimises the chance of failure.
• Through automation and end-to-end integration with travel industry lead “managed itineraries” delivers a “no gaps”, "high service, high touch" and scalable approach
• Automation eliminates human error and creates swift automatic escalation procedures
• Visibility to border and health controls and management allows for large scale interconnected responses while supporting shifting policies and requirements
• Every traveller pathway is based on health risks to the traveller and the community, supported by constantly updated data and state-of-the-art, real-time communication systems that alert and monitor and inform health and border agencies as needed to
mitigate any risks.

Who benefits from goPassport?

With goPassport, travellers can see and compare risks to plan their travel. Governments and industries can use goPassport to safely bring visitors and students into the country. We can make travel Covid safe in the new normal!
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