Who benefits from goPassport?

With goPassport, travellers can see and compare risks to plan their travel. Governments and industries can use goPassport to safely bring visitors and students into the country. We can make travel Covid safe in the new normal!

Covid-19 Risk Ratings Map

Here you can use our interactive world map that shows a live Covid-19 risk rating and map for every country. This is not just another pretty depiction of data from Johns Hopkins University or similar sources:

  • Our map uses machine learning to look at several data sources to calculate a risk rating for every country in the world. The map has 2 main switches – risk rating and active cases.
  • You’ll see that we don’t just look at daily case numbers and deaths to calculate the rating. We rate government policy and data reliability as well.
  • The map also shows the number of overseas students in each country who are waiting to come to Australia. We also break that data down by state.
  • Our data is easy to understand. We show active cases using the 1 in ### notation which is much easier to relate to than just a number.
  • Interact with the map to view ratings by states/regions.
  • The map refreshes its data sources daily.

Click the map to view the interactive version

Covid-19 risk ratings map

The data in the map is one of the backbones for the goPassport platform. It is used to inform our internal traveller Health Risk Flag scoring system which assesses the risk posed by a traveller in real-time.