Process overview

Guide, Monitor, Audit, Alert

goPassport’s real-time engine uses advanced analytics capabilities to perform complex analysis and initiate automated responses. goPassport’s ‘Guide, Monitor, Audit, Alert’  process is protected by a pending provisional Australian Innovation Patent application.

Patent Pending, PCT/AU2021/050411

goPassport - Capture Pathway


goPassport captures traveller itinerary and any required pre-travel test results, relevant health history and the results of any checks against their incoming VISA requirements.

goPassport - Guide Compliance


Guide travellers on government (or other relevant legislative body) compliance, such as self isolation and quarantine requirements, utilising real–time geo fencing and biometric and location based verified logins.

goPassport - Monitor Compliance

Monitor Compliance

Constant itinerary monitoring will allow alerts to be sent to the traveller should a location or office pose risks and prompt a change to the itinerary. Alerts will be sent to the traveller and travel manager should a new health risk emerge.

goPassport - Manage and Alert

and Alert

In the event of an adverse health event, goPassport will manage an automatic next best action including escalating contact policy, advice and action steps. E.g. approved symptom checklist, helpdesk and Telehealth guidance.

goPassport - Escalate


goPassport will manage alerts to the traveller, Department of Health, Border Authorities, service providers including the traveller’s service provider and travel manager.

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Traveller HRF

Trip planning assistance

Travel Risk Assessment

goPassport maintains a dynamic COVID-19 risk flag for each traveller: the Health Risk Flag (HRF) assesses their individual risk of importing COVID-19 into their planned destination. The flag is generated by advanced analytics which processes streams of constantly-changing clinical, population and related data. The HRF is established prior to travel and constantly reviewed throughout the immediate pre-travel, transit and quarantine periods. Only non-resident visitors with an acceptable HRF are permitted to board flights or continue their itinerary.
How it works: travelling safely with goPassport

goPassport in action

How it works for the traveller. Below are some example and typical pathways that travellers could experience while using goPassport.
General Traveller

Requires the destination country to have implemented goPassport, which integrates it into their border and visa risk systems.

Student Traveller

Destination country does not need to have implemented goPassport. Educational institutions can utilise goPassport trip risk planning tools and most other features of goPassport to guide students and student groups safely into their place of study. goPassport can work directly with airlines to ensure compliance with their pre-travel health requirements.

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Traveller applies for visa to visit destination

Pre-departureVisa system

Visa application system prompts traveller to download and register goPassport


Traveller downloads goPassport App

how it works - a person holding phone displaying goPassport App logo
  • Self-declares Covid and/or other medical conditions.
Pre-departuregoPassport Platform

goPassport welcomes new traveller

  • Traveller’s health status is recorded on goPassport.

Traveller or their travel agent uploads confirmed itinerary to goPassport

phone screens showing itinerary
Pre-departuregoPassport Platform

goPassport evaluates itinerary for risk elements

  • goPassport checks the itinerary against high-risk locations and alerts traveller and agent if any high-risk location is in the itinerary and recommends change
  • goPassport Health Services Portal is online for overseas medical facility and quarantine operator staff to access
  • goPassport advises traveller of any pre-travel health checks/tests required and where the nearest authorised services are located
  • Traveller is advised that contact with any high-risk location may require additional health checks and delay their travel.

Traveller obtains required pre-travel testing

phone screens showing health check steps
  • goPassport guides traveller through attaining any destination requirements for pre-travel self-isolation or quarantine, re-testing or vaccination (when available)
  • After being tested, traveller follows guidelines for social distancing and avoids high-risk locations identified in the App
Pre-departuregoPassport Platform

goPassport updates traveller’s Health Risk Flag (HRF)

  • Test results are registered and received by the platform
  • goPassport continues to monitor traveller location and proximity to known and emerging virus outbreaks. Any movement can affect the HRF.
  • goPassport continutes to monitor for changes in health regulations in the destination country and advises the traveller
  • The HRF is made available to the border agency for incorporation into their API/APP system. This provides airline staff with a boarding directive.

Traveller commences their in-bound journey

traveller with wheel bag looking out of airport at landing plane
In-transitgoPassport Platform

If the traveller’s HRF remains satisfactory, goPassport guides them through airport procedures and their status changes to in-transit

  • Any unfavourable change in HRF (due to exposure to known cases or failure to complete the government mandated pre-departure steps) would see the traveller stopped and refused boarding.

Traveller arrives and proceeds through immigration

  • App guides visitors into quarantine and/or any re-testing to meet all destination health requirements, ensuring they are sound for travel according to the local regulations.
ArrivalgoPassport Platform

goPassport updates traveller’s location and continues monitoring

  • “goPassport monitors other people on the same flight and alerts the traveller and authorities of any risk exposure
  • goPassport commences monitoring the traveller’s location against their planned itinerary
  • Any quarantine requirements are enforced by location tracking and random bio-metric check-in requirements
  • Any gaming of the system can be identified and quickly escalated.

Traveller uses the App to make daily health check-ins

phone screens showing health check during travel
  • App will guide traveller on how and where to get tested upon reporting of any COVID-19 like symptoms.
In-countrygoPassport Platform

If a traveller becomes infected, goPassport data can be used to support contact tracing

  • goPassport is compatible with contact tracing Apps
  • Health authorities can request traveller itinerary and location data to expedite any necessary contract tracing effort
  • If a person has been in contact with an infected location/person, health authorities can contact the traveller via the goPassport app, SMS or phone and arrange testing.

Traveller decides to take an unplanned trip to a known or emerging hotspot

phone screen showing itinerary warning
  • Traveller is alerted that they’re in a hotspot and is guided to return to safety
  • Likewise if a planned itinerary location becomes a hotspot, the traveller and their agent (if using) is alerted immediately so that alternate plans may be made.
In-countrygoPassport Platform

goPassport follows the traveller’s geo-location and alerts when they go ‘off itinerary’ or into a hotspot

  • goPassport alerts the traveller if he/she may be exposed to risk and can alert health authorities if needed so that assistance can be provided.

Traveller moves out of hotspot to to avoid risk

In-countrygoPassport Platform

The HRF may change if a traveller has been exposed to a health risk

  • goPassport is compatible with contact tracing Apps
  • Health authorities can request traveller itinerary and location data to expedite any necessary contract tracing effort
  • If a person has been in contact with an infected location/person, health authorities can contact the traveller via the goPassport app, SMS or phone and arrange testing.

Trip is ending soon. Traveller is guided through any pre-departure health processes required for the return journey

  • Visitors can be re-tested prior to departure to ensure their health and safety while travelling and to act on any potential contact tracing issues while they are in the country.
DeparturegoPassport Platform

goPassport implements any mandated test requirements prior to final departure

  • This could include any potential contact tracing issues identified along the way
  • goPassport continues to monitor for heath check-ins, test results and exposure risk.

Traveller’s journey ends and departure commences

  • Interaction with the goPassport App continues for 14 days after departure to ensure the traveller can receive communications about any exposure subsequently identified in the final 14 days of their journey.
Post-departuregoPassport Platform

goPassport will continue to guide and health check the visitor for 14 days after their return home

  • Continued monitoring for 14 days ensures end-to-end coverage of the accepted 14 day exposure time for COVID-19.