Today the Federal government announced a roadmap to reopening International borders. There are “three principles” on a roadmap to reopening Australia to the rest of the world, Health Minister Greg Hunt says.

Firstly, the establishment of “green lanes and opening up new bubbles with different safe countries, as we’ve done with New Zealand, and as we’ll do with others in the Pacific and within the region as they become progressively safer,” Health Minister Greg Hunt told reporters on Sunday.

Secondly, the “domestic vaccination strategy, protecting the nation. And then the third element is the capacity for regular travel for those who have been vaccinated.”

The suggestion of “green zone countries” is a measure that the goPassport leadership team have prepared for since the company was envisaged in February 2020.

We have already briefed various government agencies, “how GoPassport helps” achieve this plan. The roadmap model looks to be similar to that which has just been articulated for the UK, where vaccination confidence is high and the desire to travel for trade and to warmer climates a necessity.

A quick look at the UK’s Red, amber and green list rules for entering England reveals the complexity of individual compliance and a changing circumstance – what if my booked trip moves from Green to Amber? or to Red? How do I know if rules have changed?

Add to this the list of rules and requirements a traveller may need to undertake to enter the red, amber, green destination country they are visiting – notice there is no mention of this and the traveller is responsible for knowing what they must do when they land – travel becomes beyond complex. We began our commerce in the UK last year and significant doors are open for UK early adopters of goPassport technology.

goPassport - Safe Travel components

Over 12 months ago we identified this complex and dynamic circumstance and have developed a deep set of tools to unravel complexity, guide travellers and ensure that their compliance with Government Health Policy is “visible”. Ultimately, allowing permission for the traveller to enter the destination country but also guiding the traveller and providing assurance for a risk-managed return journey.

Our timing is significant as we have briefed the government, supported industry and developed technology that would take another entity years to design and implement.

The bet we made in late February 2020 is on our doorstep and the right investment partner now can enable the Australian community to recover from this massive disruption and ride on the forefront of this massive wave of recovery ahead of the globe.

We look forward to continuing our conversation with these partners.

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