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  • 12 January 2021
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goPassport provides a uniform solution for travellers. Ensuring safety and avoiding the confusion.

Matt McKinley, Chairman & Managing Director, goPassport

With continual changing attitudes to how travel will scale again in the Vaccinated world, there is only one certainty – It will be very complex for a traveller to unravel the compliance requirement of being a low risk

Our job is to guide people along their pathway to be significantly low risk, to make the complexity manageable by even the most unseasoned traveller.

To make travel Covid safe in the new normal we need a digital health passport that provides risk-managed travel. goPassport can provide this to travellers with or without a vaccine.

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The goPassport app

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If you’re affected by border closures or travel shutdowns and you’d like further information or collateral to share with your industry bodies or associates, please do get in touch, we’d love to help.

Matt McKinley

About the author

Matt McKinley is the Chairman & Managing Director of goPassport. Matt is the Founder and CEO of Didgigo, a global supplier of itinerary management and documentation systems used by the international travel trade to provide quality and detailed logistics data for the traveller. Includes powerful itinerary ingestor from legacy systems, supplier content management tools, copy editing and multi-language ready, mapping, and travellers app. Developed over 32 years of inbound and supplier management expertise.

About goPassport

goPassport’s founding team encompasses expertise across health, travel, tourism, border security, international education and real-time analytics. We’ve created an end-to-end, digital solution to guide travellers, manage risk and monitor compliance to health and immigration policy.